4 Foundation Method for Your Thriving Creative Business

Defeat Overwhelm with the Free Masterclass Today

Overwhelmed by all you *should*  do in your handmade business?

Feeling unfocused and uncertain about what actually works?
Spinning your wheels without seeing progress?

You are NOT alone.  

Join me in this Masterclass to learn:  
  1. Top 3 Mistakes EVERYbody makes in growing their handmade business. 
    You are probably making at least ONE of these mistakes. That's ok, I'll teach you how to fix them.
  2. My secret to banishing OVERWHELM. 
    (Hint: it involves focusing on what matters! How do you know what matters? That's what we'll cover)
  3. 4 Foundation Method for building your business sustainably and PROFITABLY‚Äč.
    This is the framework that has helped my students
    ...quit their day job
    ...open up a bricks and mortar yarn shop
    ...spend more time with their kids

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Tara Swiger

Hi! I'm Tara and I've helped hundreds of makers, designers and artists create thriving businesses by focusing on what matters
I'm a foster mama, a podcaster and an author. My passion helping busy women create profitable businesses from doing what they love and selling what they make. 

I could NOT write notes fast enough!

Tara, this masterclass was SO FULL of education, I couldn't take notes fast enough! I've already re-watched it 2 times! 
Thank you for this!